Best 2015 eBay Alternative: is, as one might guess, an auction-format marketplace, one of the best alternatives to eBay.  A seller’s membership requires monthly or annual fees.  Once you pay these fees you are relieved of the need to pay listing fees or percentages of commissions on sold items.

That means that if the auction goes your way and turns into a nice bidding war, you make on better than you would have with a site that takes a percentage.

Another thing that prides itself on is that they encourage their users to link their items to their own sites.  They like to foster the best possible relationship between buyer and seller. also prides itself on simplicity.  They keep their selling form simple and they have templates to keep things simple.

The site was started by Chris Fain, a seasoned auctioneer who wanted to create a venue that wouldn’t penalize sellers and that would create a great community between buyers and sellers.

One of the other values Onlineauction attempts to bring to its customers is outstanding customer support. They claim to not just be talking customer service but living it.

As is the case with many auction sites, the selection on includes a lot of photos, photography accessories, collectibles, memorabilia and electronics.

It’s important to keep your options open, and the best way to do that is to be informed, so check out