Best 2015 Home Business: Publish E-books

If you’re not an expert now, you will be.

The written word is as sought-after now as ever before.  With greater and greater channels for distribution and greater availability of text comes the public’s appreciation for knowledge and information.  People know that answers to many of their questions can be found online at low prices in convenient packages.  This causes them to seek out e-books, and the cycle just continues.

One might go into business producing a single e-book, a line of e-books on the same subject, or a line or lines of e-books on a wide variety of topics.

We’ll focus on non-fiction topics, since these are in greatest demand and are the likely suspects for people looking to market e-books.

It’s a commonly-held belief that the best thing to do when marketing e-books is to write books that aim to solve some particular problem.  This can be something as mundane as painting your house to saving money on lighting and electricity to teaching your kids about drugs.  It can be something a bit more specific like working with a particular software, figuring out certain forms of taxes, coping with Diabetes, etc.

You can also go the route of looking at subjects you know people are interested in, such as youth soccer, dog grooming, smart phone apps, etc.  This may not entail identifying a problem per se, but looking at areas that are of interest to a lot of people.  Overviews, guides, etc. are very popular.

Whether or not you go the route of solving a problem, just be sure you have a specific aim and that you know you are meeting a very specific need.  You have to be able to understand what the book is supposed to do, who it will help, who will want to buy it, etc.


You may be wishing to build up expertise in an area by writing an e-book.  This may be directly related to another side business you are in or are looking to enter.  This may be something like web development, public speaking, safety training, etc.  Having personal experience and knowledge, a clear viewpoint, will help you.  Being able to market your book as someone qualified to write it is a big boost.

In this scenario, you’d be combining personal experience with factual research.

You may not go the route of marketing your book on the strength of expertise you have.  Instead you may simply create descriptions and other promotional materials that offer up the book as having a good array of indispensable information organized in a user-friendly manner.

Writing the Book

Are you a writer?  Is your writing somewhat OK?  If you’re a bit iffy on any of these, you may need to seek help.  The information is probably up in your brain, and you’ll have to find someone to help you organize it, or probably edit what you’ve written.  Or you may need to hire someone to do the writing from beginning to end.  This may involve researching the topic.


Whoever’s doing the research, remember that people found a lot of information for centuries before the internet.  Tapping into what’s not available via Google searches can be very helpful.  It’s not easy, but boks, print magazines archived at local university libraries, government documents, etc., are all available to you.  Further, some public libraries subscribe to databases which index articles not available on the open web.  Using information people won’t find via standard internet searches is a good way of offering new and fresh information to your readers.

One thing you don’t want is for people to think you’ve cobbled together just information that is also available on the Internet.


As is probably self-evident, Amazon is going to be a very likely candidate for your venue for bringing out the e-book.  There are other platforms, but since we’re talking about selling the e-book as opposed to offering it as a download for exposure, no other marketplace will suffice.  Amazon gives you the chance for your book to be linked from similar books, etc.

Please, just do us all a favor and don’t commission fake reviews.  People who do that are losers.