Private: cr-which-v1


Which is a Java utility for Windows that searches the path and tells where
it finds a given exe or dll. It further tells you what type of exe/dll it
is, i.e. DOS 16-bit, Windows 16-bit, Windows 32-bit, Windows AMD 64-bit,
Windows Itanium 64-bit, Jet 32-bit or Jet 32-bit that is out of date, and
needs to be recompiled for the latest runtime.
If you use the Jet version you use by typing:
Which.exe someprog.exe
Which.exe somedll.dll
on the command line.
If you have *.jar set up as an executable extension you can type
which.jar someprog.exe
Otherwise you will have to type the verbose:
java.exe -jar which.jar someprog.exe
It sets the retcode depending on what it found:
retcode Type
8 DOS 16-bit
16 Windows 16-bit
32 Windows 32-bit
33 Windows 32-bit Jet
34 Windows 32-bit Jet, out of date
64 Windows AMD 64-bit
65 Windows AMD 64-bit Jet
66 Windows AMD 64-bit Jet, out of date
70 Itanium 64-bit
90 an unknown type
91 unable to find/read the file
99 syntax error
You may have other utilities called Which. Make sure you are using this one.


JET is an AOT Ahead Of Time Java Compiler that converts Java class files
into ordinary *.exe files that look like conventional C/C++ executables to
the end user. They load and execute faster than ordinary Java jar files.
They require a DLL run time to work. WHICH tells you which of your
executables are JET-complied which require the JET runtime and which do
not. WHICH warns you when you have JET-compiled executables that would
benefit from recompiling for the latest runtime. You can read more about
JET at the website.

Beware. You may also have a copy of JPSoft Which or Cygwin Which on your
computer. You may think you are using CMP Which, but you could be using
one of these.

Why the clothesline icon? The clothes represent the various directories hanging off the path.