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STAR Device Monitor

The easy-to-use website uptime reporting and network monitoring software for Mac and Windows PCs.

Monitor websites, web apps, web-driven databases, mail accounts, SSH accounts, FTP accounts, servers and other network equipment.

STAR Device Monitor supports various protocols like HTTP/HTTPS, POP3/POP3S, SMTP/SMTPS as well as TCP (on any port number) and Ping.

Get notified about downtimes by pop-up window on your local computer, by e-mail or SMS. In addition, external scripts and URLs can be called to trigger other alarming actions of third party tools.

STAR Device Monitor just needs a PC or Mac with network (Internet) connection. No scripts or trackers required on the equipment and servers to check. It also works on a virtual machine on a remote server for 24/7 monitoring.

Detailed information about additional features, screenshots and the link to download the latest shareware release* are available on the product homepage:

* Download our full-featured trial release free of charge and test it as long as you like.