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Solfeggio Studio For Piano

The best software for learning perfect pitch, relative pitch, and sheet music. Master note grammar, tone recognition, intervals, chords, scales, and tempo for different instruments. Learn to put music theory to use by making it second nature. Proven results for kids and adults.


The Ear Trainer – encompasses tools to help you attain the skill of perfect and relative pitch. You also learn to hear tempo, scales, intervals, and chords.

The Note Trainer – is all about teaching you to read notes from the note stave. Single notes, intervals, and chords. Make Sight-Reading your native skill.

The Symbols Trainer – teaches a plethora of musical symbols, including note and rest duration, key signatures, tempo, loudness, and much more.

Multiple ways to interact – To interact with Solfeggio Studio for Piano use your MIDI piano, on-screen virtual piano, or multiple choice.

Built-in printable references – Every aspect that Solfeggio Studio for Piano coaches you on is covered by an easy to use built-in reference.

Custom settings and difficulty level presets let you calibrate the level of difficulty to exactly where you want it. The five difficulty level presets are designed to accompany a beginning musician, all the way up to expert level.