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Random My Ass

Many of us think of ourselves as sort of isolated little bubbles whose thoughts, behaviors and life paths remain largely unaffected by the unseen forces which we presume to have no direct influence upon our lives. Quantum science, the study of subatomic particles, is presenting a radically different scenario however — one that will shatter any illusion of what we think of as the individual.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are all intimately connected in ways many of us have never imagined, not only to each other, but to all there is, and that these unseen connections play a dominant role in our lives. There have been many scientific experiments and other evidence which lend credence to this claim, some of which you will find links to in the Resources section below.

The results of some of the experiments in quantum science go much further than simply demonstrating our connectedness to each other however and can literally change the way you think about virtually everything. That’s what happened to me after i began researching some of this work.

Random My Ass! represents my personal quest for tangible data in this regard. The idea could hardly be more simple — can a human being affect the output of a random number generator using only thought? Hopefully this little program, and the data generated by its users, will provide an answer to that question.