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Free Typing Test

A Free Typing Test is a very useful tool for improving the accuracy and speed whilst typing. There are many different types of tests used for this purpose and it is very easy to practice using this tool. The test is so designed that all the keys on the computer need to be used and hence, it is a comprehensive way to learn typing. The Free Typing Test can be used by children as well in order to improve their skills at an early age. It is self explanatory and once the test starts, all that needs to be done is to type whatever appears on the screen in the given space. There is no need to divert the attention from the screen as the text to be typed is on the same screen as the space provided for typing. As the test continues, the user gets to know if there are any mistakes simultaneously. The ones that are typed incorrectly are underlined which makes it easier for the user to identify the mistakes. At any point in time, the Free Typing Test can be stopped by the user and as and when this happens, the results are displayed on the screen. The details which are included are the total time taken by the user, the number of keystrokes per minute, the total number of words that have been typed in the time mentioned and the number of mistakes. The Free Typing Test can even help in improving the typing skills over a period of time. The application is a simple way of honing the typing skills in an accurate way. Since the tests have been designed to make the user aware of all the keys that have to be used while typing, it is indeed a very useful tool.