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Free MKV To WMV Converter

The free MKV to WMV converter tool allows the user to encode video files from MKV format to WMV extension. This free converter tool can easily recompress MKV into WMV file. It can also convert various other file formats into WMV file extension. This free software program supports multiple languages. It has a simple user interface with a small and standard window. This program offers only limited options to the users. Users can import the files with the help of the file browser. The program hardly supports batch processing and drag and drop method. The users can easily initiate the conversion process by selecting the name, file extension and the output destination. The program also allows the users to alter the video and audio encoding bit rate. It is also possible to reset the default values anytime. This free MKV to WMV converter tool can recompress multiplex videos and its subtitles. The program allows the users to track the MKV files easily with the use of this converter tool. Even though the program offers limited options for video conversions, it is quite easy to use this converter tool. The program allows the users to change the interface language and the font size. It offers excellent sound and image quality after the conversion process. The Free MKV to WMV converter tool completes the conversion process in a jiffy with high quality. The program can convert various other video formats such as DIVX, AVI and ASF to WMV file format with subtitles. However, this converter tool requires the installation of an extra MKV codec for enhanced performance and efficiency. The Free MKV to WMV converter tool is a simple and light weight program that includes limited options. It can also be used and comprehended easily without any hassles.