Private: cr-dirprintadv


DirPrintAdv is a program to print or export / save a directory file list. This program started as a simple, very popular program called DirPrint.
DirPrintAdv has evolved from this program with many additional options including columns, sorting, more exports and ability to preview.
A MacOSX Version called DirExport is also available
Current export methods include: Comma-Separated Text (csv), HTML, Text File, Tab-Separated Text, Excel Spreadsheet, Word Table (needs word installed) and Portable Document Format (PDF). Selection method then be previewed or saved.
Options include: Show Files Only, Show Folders Only, Show Hidden Files, Show / Hide Column Headers, Show / Hide Grid Lines, Show file sizes for files only or files and folders and Show file sizes as bytes or formatted (I.e. bytes, Kb, MB, GB). Option are visible onscreen as well as for print / preview / save options. In addition for each item the option to include / exclude: file extensions, Full File Path, 8.3 Full Path and 8.3 FileName is available.
For print output option to also add a double space pre files to better differentiate between files and folders / directories.
Standard columns can be selected and loaded each time the program starts. Additional columns can be selected by right clicking the column header bar and choosing from all available. Column sorting is possible by using menu choices or clicking the column header. Subsequent clicking will change the sort order.
Filtering of the directory list allows populating files based on text to find a particular file type or group of file types specified by the file extension. For example to search for video files you could search for *.avi;*.mov;*.mp4;*.mpg which would populate the list with all files meeting this criteria.
At any time there is the option to return all settings to the default options.