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Browser History Spy

‘Browser History Spy’ is the FREE all-in-one software to view the browsing history from popular web browsers.

‘Browser History Spy’ can recover stored website history from following top web browsers.

* Mozilla Firefox
* Internet Explorer
* Google Chrome
* Google Chrome Canary/SXS
* CoolNovo Browser (Chrome variant)
* Flock Browser (Chrome variant)
* Opera Next Browser (Chrome variant)
* Comodo Dragon Browser (Firefox variant)
* PaleMoon Browser (Firefox variant)
* SeaMonkey Browser (Firefox variant)

Main features of ‘Browser History Spy’

* Easy to use tool with attractive GUI Interface.

* Automatically detects the right location of history file for respective web browser.

* For Chrome/Firefox, you can manually choose the History file.

* For Internet Explorer, you can Add/Remove the website URLs from history.

* Save the website history list to HTML/XML/CSV file.

* Fully Portable – You can directly run it from any Windows system.

* Installer for local installation/un-installation on your system.

‘Browser History Spy’ works on most of the Windows platforms from Windows XP to Windows 8.