10 Books Entrepreneurs Should Read in 2015

10 Books to Blow Your Mind.

Hey, everyone has plenty of time to read, right?  Or, you don’t have time but can squeeze some reading in.  It can be great for nights in hotel rooms during travel.  Steal some minutes whenever you can to expand your mind and add new ideas to your arsenal.  In the upcoming year, read these new and forthcoming books on entrepreneurship.

1. Zero To One– Peter Thiel

You know Peter Thiel as the former CEO of PayPal and as a bigtime investor.  His zero to one philosophy means inventing something completely unlike anything done before.  This Septemeber release takes an optimistic view about the future of innovation and urges people in all fields to think radically.

2. Startup Land—Mikkel Svane and Carlye Adler

This brand new book unspools the story of the startup of Zendesk in a Copenhagen loft.  This book is all about busting myths about startups.

3. Think Agile—Taffy Williams

Founder of Colonial Technology Development Company, Williams talks to us about repurposing elements of your business and rolling with the punches when changes come about.  The unpredictability Williams discusses includes things like new products entering the competition, a key employee jumping ship, or the whole business climate shifting.

4. Take Command—Jake Wood

Subtitled “How to Be a First Responder in Business,” Wood’s book applies lessons from first responders, elite military personnel, and other disaster fixers to the role of a CEO.

5. The Other “F” Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work-John Danner and Mark Coopersmith

Richard Branson is the Father of Failure in the business world, but John Danner and Mark Coopersmith delve into the concept of turning failure into improvement and inspiration.  Put this on your list for its  Mar. 23 release.

6. The Leap: Launching Your Full-Time Career in Our Part-Time Economy-Robert Dickie

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not always about a brick and mortar company or a standard-sized product launch.  Dickie gives pointers about creating multiple income streams, excelling in gigs that aren’t full time and to brand yourself.  Hits the streets on New Years’ day.

7. Invent, Reinvent, Thrive: The Keys to Success for Any Startup of Family Business- Lloyd Shefsky

This book is all about anticipating and dealing with change.  It weaves together many stories from companies such as Jet, Charles Schwab, and Starbucks, giving real-life examples of how to reinvent and reinvigorate your business, treating entrepreneurship, not as a singular event, but as a process.

8. Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time—Jeff Sutherland

Whether or not you’re already familiar with Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum franchise, you should check out this fall release, the latest installment of his techniques for hyperproductivity.  The Scrum ethic is all about “deep accountability, team interaction, and constant iterative improvement.”  The ideas come from martial arts, robotics, and juidicial decision making, a strange mélange indeed.

9. Entrepreneurial new Venture Skills 3rd Ed. Robert N. Lussier and Joel Corman

This book looks at skills particular to entrepreneurship with plenty of hands-on exercises on such items as business plans “elevator pitches.”  An entrepreneur’s skills are increasingly in demand, which means that even folks seeking jobs with firms can use these techniques.

10. The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future. Chris Gullebeau

This one’s been out for a few years, but readers of FE need to partake of its wisdom.  The tome looks at no less than 50 case studies of businesses started with—in many cases—less than $100.  One of the boss ideas is finding how much people will pay for your expertise.