Using Video on Your Web Site

Come out and greet your customer.

Incorporating video into your web presence isn’t exactly what a lot of people mean when they refer to “making a youtube video.”  That sometimes means doing something like grilling up some steaks on camera if you own a hardware store that sells grills, putting it up and linking it from facebook.  That’s a great thing to do—content marketing—and you should do it.  But in this post, I’d like to talk about thinking of video not as a good thing to do to get a leg up on the competition, but as an absolutely essential part of your web presence, as vital as an “About us” or “Contact us” page.

Video Orientation

One of the key uses for video on your web page is to provide a basic introduction to you, your company, and what you do.  The video would be embedded on the splash page or home page of your site, and clearly labeled and identifiable.  To some extent, this can serve as a partial replacement for your “About us” blurb, though you may want that text to go into greater detail about your services and to give your visitors something in writing.

Establishing Trust

The importance of a video on your web site has to do with a simple and fundamental concept, that of trust.  It’s about welcoming the customer, establishing a relationship.  It doesn’t take an advanced degree in marketing or a brand new report from a research team to know that people like seeing a face and being engaged by an animated, brought-to-life presence.

Trust and Expertise

Now, in addition to the trust you build, there’s also a sense that you know what you’re talking about.  In a certain sense—particularly if your business is a professional service—this is almost a free sample of your work.  In these videos, you can make a brief presentation on some technique, policy, law, or concept involving your business.  This does a lot of great bringing you to life work in addition to showing expertise.  A video like this could possibly be on your splash or home page, but can also be placed somewhere else in your web hierarchy.

How-to or Fun Videos

In addition to the videos in which you lay down the basics of your business, you may decide to go the route of a video with a more aggressive marketing aim.  You may go the route of series as well.  This falls under the content marketing rubric, and isn’t quite the focus of this post, but one thing to remember is that you’ll be doing yourself a favor by dispersing videos throughout your web site.  Naturally, a particular web page will be indexed on its own, and video can help you get relatively high in a google search result.  Further, you’ll have more chances to present the kinds of engagement we’ve been discussing when people find a particular page via google.

If you have a low tolerance for video, you may produce less of them, and that’s fine.  It’s important for the video content that you do have to be clear, concise, and engaging.