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Skybot Scheduler

Skybot Scheduler is the easy-to-use, yet powerful job scheduling system for Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers. With Skybot Scheduler, you can build complex schedules quickly and easily across multiple systems and applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Cloud, MS SQL Server, Windows Task Scheduler, Windows Desktop applications, cron, and other background processes.

Skybot Scheduler eliminates the need for multiple schedules and manual monitoring by incorporating multiple workflows into a single, comprehensive schedule that can handle complex dependencies and notify you of errors quickly, so minor problems don’t become major headaches.

Skybot is your complete enterprise automation and scheduling solution for your complex business needs, including monitoring your job processes for overruns, late starts, and errors; consolidating schedules across all of the servers and platforms in the data center; and importing cron jobs and adding cross-system dependencies.

In addition, Skybot’s audit history tool is a boost for complying with today’s regulation requirements—Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI, and HIPAA. It tracks who created a new job or event monitor, who changed a job setup or commands, and who forced a job to run outside its scheduled time. With Skybot, you can easily create electronic reports for job, agent, and event history, forecasting, and monitoring. Skybot’s role-based security ensures that your users can access only what they need to perform their jobs. You can secure product functions by department, division, location, customer, and more.

It is easy to replace multiple schedulers on individual servers or applications’ built-in schedules with an enterprise job scheduler. A robust solution like Skybot will grant you a more transparent view and give you more control over your entire production environment.