Potrepreneur Jane West Targets Ladies, High-Enders

Cannabis: not just for stoners anymore.

Entrepreneurs know to find their niche, and nothing illustrates this concept better than the entrepreneurial explosion accompanying the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.  That opens doors to pot products of all kinds.

But one entrepreneur, Jane West, is looking beyond product and toward marketing, with demographic considerations at the forefront.  Her startup, Edible Events, aims to market cannabis toward a high-end, professional crowd, and to women.

West told The New York Times that “many women think (marijuana is) something that makes you dumb,” and that her company aims to change that.  West describes Edible Events as “Colorado’s premier cannabis event production company.”  This involves throwing corporate parties, fundraisers, employee appreciation events, art gallery events, all marijuana inclusive.  The focus of the event need not be cannabis, and usually isn’t.  Cannabis is there the way wine might be, and West feels it can serve as the proper accompaniment to music, art, etc.

Opulence and indulgence are key components to Edible Events functions, with an assault on the senses made up of DJs, hand-crafted beverages, thematic cocktails—West bills her soirees as “artfully choreographed.”

Some of West’s parties have been catered, one of them by Three Tomatoes Catering, who brought high-end cuisine such as chicken-parmesan lollipops and short rib sandwiches.  The food need not be infused with bud, but is usually themed to appeal to the high partier.

In addition to adhering to the various regulations on how cannabis can or cannot be dispensed, West bans revelers from driving to or from her galas.  She has partnered with Travis Kalanick’s Uber for a 20% off coupon for rides.

Before the legalization and the genesis of her business, West threw some high-end events for her female friends.  She found a disconnect between the love of fine food and high-class events and partaking of cannabis.  She shuns the stigma of “stoners” in their hoodies sitting beneath a Bob Marley poster, and doesn’t use words like “pot” or “joint.”

Her first party fetched a $125 ticket price and attracted one Heisman trophy winner.  She now has events planned a year out.

The question might be what the future holds for West and her company.  Legal and cultural developments could help with a boom, or could not.  In any case, she’s probably ready to innovate and to try to stay ahead of the curve.