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Moms Math For Windows

This software teaches the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each math category has four levels of instruction, beginning with the beginner level. For the beginners level, objects are shown on the screen to demonstrate the concepts. For example, for subtraction of three from nine, nine objects are shown in red and three of those are in black to demonstrate that three red objects are taken away. Your child can count the number of red objects to get the answer. Similar techniques are used for the other math categories. For example, when multiplying three and four, three columns and four rows of objects are shown. Your child can count the objects to find the answer.

This software was written by Dr. Andrew Motes who wrote the award-winning software, School-Mom, in the late 1980s for MS-DOS PCs. Later, the math instruction was extracted and published as Moms Math for MS-DOS PCs. Now, Dr. Motes has resurrected Moms Math and published it as a Windows application. This is that software.