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GUI Turbo Assembler

GUI Turbo Assembler is an essential IDE for assembly language, that comes bundled with Borland Turbo Assembler (TASM), Turbo Linker and DOSBox. Borland Turbo Assembler is a multi-pass assembler compatible with Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) and is compatible with Intel 80×86 (8088, 8086, 80186, 80286, 80386, i486, Pentium and Pentium Pro) processors.

GUI Turbo Assembler is capable of working in both x86 and x64 environment. For x64 environment proper environment is emulated using a custom build of DOSBox, and it can assemble, link and run codes written in assembly language.

GUI Turbo Assembler supports basic IDE feature like opening, editing and saving source codes. Also it is packed with advance feature like displaying line-number, syntax highlight, code folding, etc. The IDE is highly customizable, where user has the freedom to change settings as per their requirement. User also has the freedom to change the built switches of Borland Turbo Assembler and Turbo Linker.

The IDE works is supported by Borland Turbo Assembler and Turbo Linker for handling assembly codes. It is supported by DOSBox for running Borland Turbo Assembler and Turbo Linker in x64 environment.

With its easy to use interface and packed features, GUI Turbo Assembler turns out to be a great IDE for programming on Assembly language.

GUI Turbo Assembler comes with the basic and necessary features for writing programs in Assembly language. If you feel it lacks anything or their is further scope for improvement, please feel free to contact me.
As a token of appreciation, please report any bugs and submit your valuable feedbacks. Your donations will be much appreciated

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