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Free Video Compressor

All those who have a number of video files on their media players and mobile phones would eventually face the problem of shortage of space. Since users would not want to remove the files from their devices because of this reason, the better option is to use the Free Video Compressor. As the name suggests, it allows them to compress digital videos in formats such as AVI, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, WMA. Therefore, it is quite flexible and handy. The size of the compressed file is left for the user to decide depending on his or her space constraints. Another useful feature is that the quality of the resultant files is not lost and hence, users can enjoy them just the same. The Free Video Compressor is a very small sized file that does not take up much disk space. Being absolutely free of cost, the app can be used by anyone without any hitches. It has a very user friendly interface that is apt for the novice users. Once the software is downloaded and installed onto a device that runs on Windows OS, it just takes a few minutes for the file to be compressed. The first thing users need to do is to select the video file. When this is done, the Free Video Compressor automatically displays information about the same. Users can check the file size, bit rate (audio and video), format (audio and video), width and height. Depending on these details they can choose the options in the second window. The desired video size of the file and audio quality are some of the parameters which need to be selected before pressing the ‘Compress’ button. The presence of a progress bar on the Free Video Compressor lets users know about the time left for the job to be completed.