Best 2015 Paypal Alternatives: Merchantinc

Merchantinc has a full suite of features.

Today’s alternative to Paypal is  This payment processing tool emphasizes its low fees and good customer service.

To get into the terms of use of Merchantinc, the service costs $7.95. There is no setup fee, and not only that, but you are able to waive fees or things such as retail swipe terminal, customer support, web shopping carts, and going over limit.

Here are some of merchantinc’s key features:

  • funds go directly into your bank account
  • all credit cards accepted
  • the ability to invoice customers by e-mail
  • cancellation without penalty
  • check software included
  • AVS—Address Verification System

Merchantinc is aptly named.  It has set itself up to address needs of merchants, serving as a great payment solutions center rather than just a payment processor for individuals.  It gives a wide array of tools for businesses of various sizes and scopes, whether they be home businesses, entrepreneurships, small companies—anything.