Best 2015 Home-based Business: Nutrition Consulting

Tell People What to Eat and They Pay You

Nutrition is on everyone’s minds these days, and when seeking the right answers, people get bombarded with so much conflicting information.  That’s where a nutrition consultant comes in.  Such a professional is highly trained and highly knowledgeable about nutrition and diet.  He or she works one-on-one with a client who is trying to improve his or her diet for a variety of reasons.  It could be that this client has health issues and was told by a doctor to consult with a nutritionist.

You’ll work with your client to assess her diet and develop a plan to alter it as needed.  You’ll provide the client with educational information and guide her through the process.

Many individuals enter the nutrition consulting business from home.  You very well may charge a hundred and fifty dollars per unit of instruction (sessions plus the work does on the outside).

Here’s a look at getting started starting a home business in the realm of nutrition consulting.

As with any new business, a business plan is necessary.  As with some of the other home businesses we’ve discussed, a business plan might be a bit streamlined.  But you do need to know the startup capital you’ll need.  You’ll need to know the potential market and how you may be able to reach them.

As you begin your business, you will need to know what’s going on with nutrition pros in your area.  While you are the nutritionist for your client, you will also be referring the client to some possible programs at nearby clinics or hospitals.  Further, you’ll probably want to be aware of local personal chefs who specialize in healthful foods.  Part of what you’re doing will involve referrals and people you trust—you can’t do it all alone, even if some light cooking and/or cooking instruction may be part of what you do.

It’s now time to start reaching your market.  You may approach a few local clinics and ask about partnership programs in which they send some of their patients to you.  It may be possible to work with local athletic teams or businesses that will send you small batches of customers at once, so you won’t have to bring people in one by one.  You may have some success with inquiring at local retirement homes or assisted living communities.  Aside from sending clients your way, there may be programs you can set up with them, with the institution itself being the one to cut you the check.

How Special Are You?

Some of what I’ve mentioned above involves experimenting a little and having a sense of whether you’re doing in-home consultations alone; traveling to businesses or group homes, etc.  At some point you should figure out where your parameters lie, and, after some initial exploration, firm up your style and niches, what you do and don’t do.

You may find success with one specific specialization, such as working with adolescents, athletes, people with food intolerances, etc.  If you go that route, you may be able to market yourself as having that specialization which puts you apart from others.  It’s just a question of whether or not there’s a large enough market to support this niche approach.

You’re in The Business Business

As things really get off the ground and your clients and thin, with a healthy glow on their cheeks, you have to attend to the business side of things.  In addition to marketing, advertising, and generally drumming up business, you’ll have to hire and accountant or in some way deal with the books.  You will maintain a “home office” for tax purposes, obviously keeping up with supplies and equipment.  One of your big projects will be staying current with the latest information on nutrition, since so much is riding on your knowledge and expertise.