Best 2015 Alternative to Paypal: HyperWALLET

Great for businesses with serious payment needs.

You need to accept payments.  Your customers want to pay you.  They’re poised at their laptop, tablet, smart phone.  Let’s do this!  HyperWALLET is an alternative to Paypal.

To the extent that you can judge a company by its website, HyperWALLET looks sharp.  It gives a wide variety of information in organized fashion.

Let’s first take a look at the various major services HyperWALLET offers.

What it Does

  • Corporate Payments—Hyper has the system set up for B2B and B2C payments on a global scale.  You can deposit into your account or use prepaid cards or use a corporate portal for payments.
  • Affiliate Payments—Not a lot of payment processors have solutions expressly for affiliate programs.  For those who are part of affiliate programs, writing way too many checks can be an issue.  The affiliate solutions include mobile apps and the flexibility of features listed above for corporate payments.
  • Marine and Offshore Payments—People in marine and offshore are ready to keep up with times and in need of payment options other than cash; HyperWALLET offers a global pre-paid card solution.
  • Online Marketplace—A wide variety of buying, selling, contracting, etc. are facilitated with HyperWALLET.  Setting up your marketplace allows for branding and platform integration.  It’s a 100% electronic payment solution.

How it Does It

As mentioned above, HyperWALLET allows for bank deposits, and this is true in 63 countries and 34 currencies.  You can use prepaid cards with your company’s logo, and they’re reloadable instantly.  They also offer virtual prepaid cards.

However, if you want to go the route of the e-wallet, that is also there for you.  If your payees have an e-wallet set up, they choose how their withdrawals happen, either by prepaid card, bank transfer, and they can even drive over to a local Western Union pickup location and get straight up cash.


HyperWALLET has solutions for systems such as Android and Apple Passbook, not to mention, plus SMS text messaging payment commands.

One thing to note about HyperWALLET is its relationships with banks in more than 40 nations.  This allows domestic and local payments alike to flow through ACH networks, and this keeps their pricing affordable.

HyperWALLET seems positioned to work well for SMEs with demand for a few different features.  It’s probably worth looking into.