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PDF Luggage Tag Tool

This Windows program provides a few useful functions for dealing with the PDF luggage tags for Royal Caribbean International cruises.

This script will extract the luggage tags from your Royal Caribbean cruise documents. It can place four of them on a single page for easy printing, insert names onto the tags, and perform a variety of other functions:

Tag Rearranger: Many people, uncomfortable with the durability or hassle of taped and stapled luggage tags began cutting out the tags instead of folding, and either laminating them, sandwiching them in clear packing tape, or inserting them into vinyl bookmark holders or vinyl cruise tag holders from places like Favors By Serendipity or the Cruise Critic Cruise Store. Others would print them on full-sheet ink-jet or laser printer labels. If the tags are going to be cut out, using an entire piece of paper (or an entire full-sheet label) for each tag seemed like a waste. Therefore, the Tag Rearranger will extract the luggage tags from the Cruise Documents PDF and create a new PDF that has four tags on a single page. It also gives you the option of inserting a name into the ‘Guest Name’ area of the tag so that you don’t have to write it in by hand.

Tag Labeler: Although the luggage tags include a line for ‘Guest Name’, Royal Caribbean leaves this blank for you to fill in with a pen after printing. The Tag Labeler will insert the name of your choice onto the luggage tag, but leave the tag otherwise untouched and ready for folding, stapling, and taping

PDF Utilities: A few useful tools for manipulating existing PDF files, including adding a 1/4′ margin around the edge of a page, converting a 1-page PDF into a 2-page PDF with two identical pages, converting a PDF into an image file, and extracting a single page from a multi-page PDF.