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JCL POS is an application to manage all the information that is generated in a business that has a Point of Sales terminal. Clients, Reservations, Sales, Agencies, Commissions, Products, Payments, Money Exchange, Receipt, Invoice, Sale, etc., quickly and easily.

It has several features that will make the business work much more bearable for its users. For example, has an advanced point of sales terminal that we can manage with just a few clicks.

In addition, we take complete control of sales, stores, products, reservations, inventories, cash transactions, purchases, returns. All with a lot of data, we can fill or options to consider in the interests or business requirements.

JCL POS is a management tool for point of sales terminal quite complete, whose benefits will only be truly appreciated by someone within the industry. The amount of options and possibilities is truly overwhelming.


JCL POS 2.8.3

- Fixed: Sales statistics, payment types are not displayed
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.8.2

- Fixed: The product’s options menu inside sales terminal is not shown in some of the smaller screen resolutions

JCL POS 2.8.1

+ Added: Accounts Module
+ Added: Card Module
+ Added: Card Templates Module
+ Added: Discount rates
* Added: Linking clients and business sources with accounts
* Added: In Products purchase, return and product transfer, delete button
* Added: In simple product, function ‘Used In …’
* Added: In the window of payment terminal sales, option to pay with loyalty card and account
* Modified: In more details, the text Product star for Favorite Product
* Modified: User permissions for the new features
* Modified: Visual changes
* Modified: Redesign of sales terminal
- Fixed: Minor bugs