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Free Unrar

One of the most significant features which users look for in a tool for extracting Rar files is speed. The Free Unrar is one such app which can be relied on in case of such situations. It decompresses files and folders and within no time and lets users access them. A simple design and numerous benefits make it one of the better known products available in the internet database. It is a small sized file that is very powerful. Being absolutely free of cost, users do not have to pay a penny in order to use it. It can be downloaded onto any PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. During the download process, there are no instances of any malware or adware affecting the security of the device in any way. The Free Unrar has a user friendly interface which makes it ideal for even those users who are new to such technology. Those files and folders which are password protected can also be decompressed using this software. Depending on the users convenience, there are three ways of doing so. The first one involves dragging and dropping the archives onto the software. In the second option, users just need to double click on the archive automatically extract the archive. Finally, they can even use the right click option and click on extract. The folder in which the files can be saved is controlled by the user. The same can even be password protected. The Free Unrar supports multi volume archives. The size of the files does not matter. There is a progress bar in the interface which lets users know about the time left for the extraction to be complete. It is an effective tool that is highly recommended for anyone who uses Rar archives.