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Free PDF To Mobi Converter

The Free PDF to Mobi Converter is a software app that is capable of converting PDF files and documents into Mobi files. The software interface of this versatile converter tool is plain and intuitive. It has a few features which can be used effortlessly for the conversion process. Users can easily import the PDF files into the conversion queue with the file browser method. The tool hardly supports drag and drop method. Even though the Free PDF to Mobi Converter tool includes batch conversion technology, it is possible to convert only a single file at a time. The conversion task can be completed within a few minutes once the output folder or destination is specified by the user. Users can check the status of the file, source path and so forth in the program. It is quite easy to navigate through the entire converter program. This free converter app also includes a built-in viewer which can be used to preview the PDF documents. The program also offers the option to edit the metadata of the files. The title, tags, publishers and author of the documents can be altered with this free software app. The Free PDF to Mobi Converter tool performs its task swiftly and flawlessly.