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Free Mortgage Calculator

Our Mortgage Calculator is a concise and accurate excel spreadsheet template for evaluating fixed mortgage rate property financing. This loan calculator is not only highly useful in the essential information needed to plan your financing, but it is also very user friendly and time efficient in its results. The program has a straightforward and easy to understand interface that is also very intuitive to use. To start, just open the software, insert all of the details as prompted. The loan calculator uses information such as home value, credit profile, loan amount, loan purpose, fixed interest rate, loan term, start date, property insurance and it is also a mortgage calculator with taxes. You can compare different mortgage setups and quickly calibrate variables to determine different possibilities, the information outputted by our loan calculator is essential to highlight where you are saving or spending money. The calculator will present to you a number of essential information points such as monthly payment totals, total number of payments required and their value by installment, interest paid over the course of the loan, there is a useful property tax calculation, PMI or insurance totals, and very conveniently the calculator compares the monthly payment system to a bi-weekly schedule of payments, this is all highly useful financial information that is required to manage your finances. The Mortgage Calculator operates in one concise screen presenting all the necessary information, there is no need to make sense of unneeded and complicated information, this is an excellent home loan mortgage calculator to get a quick overview of your mortgage payment obligations.