Private: cr-commaen


Program adds the missing commas:

In the combinations both-and, only-but, not-but, neither-nor, whether-or, as-as, well-and, or-or, neither-nor, either-or, and-or
before the conjunctions: that, what, when, although, while, just, not, for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
before and interjection
before quotes up
Missing (quotation marks
between the same parts of speech, nouns, adjectives, numerals
Speed starting program is determined by the rate and size of the hard disk dictionary.
A flash drive start takes a few seconds while the older computers about 50 seconds.
The program according to the size of the dictionary in main memory takes about 350 megabytes

The key is limited to the hard disk.
Within a few days after your payment, you will receive a code via email.