Best 2015 eBay alternative: Artfire

Lots of features, good customer service

Artfire has a graphic of a dog meditating on one of its pages.  You can do that when you’ve won a lot of awards and have garnered a reputation for setting people’s minds at ease.

If you’re jumping to the conclusion that the online marketplace Artfire specializes in art items, you, sir or madam, are absolutely right.  It’s all about jewelry, accessories, houseware, “art,” and craft supplies.  There’s even a category for “indie supplies.”

The fee for sellers is going up to $20/month this October, with fast actors getting in on the legacy monthly fee of $12.95.  The marketplace is rather seller-friendly, with a nice suite of carefully-designed features.  They set you up with credit card payments, Bill Me Later, PayPal, ProPay, and Amazon Payments.  They give you coupon codes and an easy way to toggle in and out of sale mode.

Artfire also affords the opportunity to link to your other profiles, including other online marketplaces.

Artfire was founded by John Jacobs, whose parents traveled to craft shows selling their jewelry.  As an adult, Jacobs became a triple titanium power seller on Ebay.  Some of the problems he had with Ebay caused him to want to set up something different.  Hence, Artfire.

You will probably find something to be fired up concerning this site.