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Kaleider Free

The Kaleider Android app makes it possible to experience much of the visual magic of the full Kaleider PC program on an Android device. It generates an amazing variety of Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels. Any JPEG or PNG image can be used as the source for effects. Here is a summary of the primary features:

** Effects – Instantly generate an effect, randomly chosen from among the 101 included varieties (12 Kaleidoscopes, 33 Rectangular Mirrors, 29 Diamond Mirrors, 11 3D Mirrors and 16 Funnels).

** Tile Shifting – Touch and drag the screen to interactively shift rendered effect tiles. Pinch with 2 fingers to Zoom in/out.

** Wander – Applies continuous automated motion to effect tiles.

** Colors – Progressively shifts the colors of effect pixels according to selectable methods.

** Automatic Effects – Continuously generate random effects, periodically changing the source image. Wandering motions and Colors might also be randomly activated depending upon configured options.

** Options – Buttons are available to quickly perform most actions. The appearance of buttons can be toggled off to allow more screen area for displaying effects. All functions can still be accessed via the Action Bar at the top of the screen, and keyboard commands can be used if a keyboard is available.

Please also consider purchasing the Kaleider Plus app, which includes many additional capabilities.