4 Ways To Promote Your Startup At An Industry Convention With Content Marketing

So, you’re a new startup, looking to make a name for yourself in the industry. You decided attending an industry convention would be a great way to do this. Indeed, exhibiting at an event where you can find prospects, investors, etc. is a fantastic idea.

If you are lucky enough to have a big promotional budget, you can hire a business event promotion company to help you with the proceedings.
But if you’re looking to reap the benefits the frugal way, content marketing is going to be your best friend. With this approach, you can deliver compelling and valuable information about your startup to drive profitable action.
Here is a list of ways to promote your startup with content marketing, so that you can leave your next convention feeling great about the time you took out to attend:

Use social media and blogging
Use your employees, fellow exhibitors and event attendees to help in the process. Before the event, you can post updates on your startup blog and social media profiles, and engage in live blogging and live tweeting on the event day, both of which can be done by your employees.
You can also ask attendees to create content by asking them to write about their experiences, or go all visual with Snapchat, Instagram or another similar platform. While visual content may not grow in popularity in the days following a convention, it can serve the purpose of getting your target audience excited about your company, your services/products, and any future conventions you may be attending.

Use event applications
Convention apps for mobile phones can source and recommend trending sessions and exhibitors to help attendees find content in real-time. So it can be a good idea to explore this option and connect attendees with the content created by your team through such custom applications.
The balancing act of creating content and making sure it reaches the right audience is difficult, but branded mobile technology is a good way to strike gold when it comes to marketing your business at a convention. Attendees can keep up with all the content you create through the activity feed as well as contribute to discussions and surveys.

Use marketing collateral
Despite the marketing technology deployed at your booth, there is likely to be some marketing collateral such as brochures, business cards, etc. Many people are going to look at these materials, so you can use them to offer some creative insight and content. For example, you can create fact sheets about your service/product and describe their distinctive features, as well as what’s so special about your startup.
Creative templates will allow you to add life to your content with a stunning design and copy to support your content marketing efforts. The promotional content can be given out at the booth, and can also be posted online, on a resource section of your startup site for example.

Use communities
Create an online community for attendees to engage with during the event and later. For prominent conventions, a microsite that includes a content bank with event-related information, such as whitepapers, slide decks and videos, is a great way to give a fresh platform to the content, as well as a longer lifespan.
The microsite can retain core elements of your startup’s identity, and can be designed to have a more personal feel for the audience. It can also be used to start an event-specific dialogue.