Best 2014 Paypal Alternative: Amazon Payments

You probably want your customers to pay for the products they select on your site.  But obtaining a service can be cumbersome, what with the log-in information and all that.  In fact, some customers are much less likely to make purchases when a full registration is necessary.

Here’s where Amazon Payment comes in.  With this service, anyone with an Amazon account can pay for whatever you’re selling—guitars, gun racks, heating and cooling repair, whatever—with their Amazon account information.  You’re not Amazon, and you’re not putting your stuff there and the customer isn’t finding it there, but they pay with their Amazon account.  Brother, they don’t even leave your website.

Amazon offers enticements such as no monthly fees and no setup fees, with fees of 2.9% per transaction.

Companies do sometimes find that when they go to Amazon, a good percentage of their payments are processed with the tool.  It gives a startup credibility due to its name and reputation, and due to the fact that so many people have Amazon accounts.

Without question, it’s something to look into.