Best 2014 Paypal Alternative: Stripe

With, it’s all about the Stripe Stack, a stack of features for online sellers.

Stripe is an all-around payment processor for online businesses, providing payment mechanisms, trials for customers, subscriptions, coupons.  It is stacked with more features than most payment processors.

Basically, the stack is a group of APIs that allow for customization.  That way, if your business involves subscriptions, monthly or other recurring billings, you can configure settings to handle these things.  Simpler businesses just in need of payments can go that route too.

Stripe also allows for multiple logins for your business account, meaning that your various team members can individually log in and do the good things they do.

You can also integrate all sorts of hoo-has that do a lot of things, such as LemonStand which allows you to highly customize the shopping experience; Boutiika Café, which enables brick and mortar stores to sync up with their online stores; and many others.

Other features include fraud protection, billing support, and the ability to accept more than a hundred currencies.

The service doesn’t charge any setup fees or monthly fees.  You owe them 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction.

There’s no question that Stripe has stacked a lot of features for businesses.  It’s up to you to decide if it’s something you want to research further.