What the Right YouTube Video Can Do For your Business

YouTube is an old warhorse, tried-and-true. MySpace and Napster and Friendster faded away, but one of the granddaddies of New Media is still as strong as ever. Other post-your-video sites have lived peacefully aside YouTube, getting plenty of traffic but not supplanting it.

YouTube remains a potent tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you’re still a holdout, consider how the right YouTube video can help you market your business.

Build Expertise Via Tube

Being an expert in your field allows you to increase your audience size. YouTube is a fantastic vehicle for sharing your knowledge, and in turn getting credit for it. If you have an opportunity to speak in public, video it and propagate it, showing the world how knowledgeable you are in your field.

Now, you may not speak in such manner–put on your own seminar. You know what you know, and if you take some time to organize what you know and put it into easy-to-understand language, there you go. It’s easy to make a how-to or other instructional video anywhere. If you help a person solve some elementary problem in your field, to that person, you’re a pro. YouTube vids are also great for getting near the top of google results and generally maintaining a high profile.

Get Visual

You know we live in a visual world. Visual information is increasingly consumed, perhaps because it fits into people’s busy schedules. It also can help with clarity and understanding, perhaps affording memorable images. Visual images can be very persuasive by touching people emotionally. It’s the concept behind magazine and television advertising.


Make a Production out of It

YouTube videos needn’t be you standing in front of a white wall with a cheap cam pointed at you. With minimal–and perhaps no–funds, you may be able to acquire the aid of actors and possibly an experienced camera man. If you have creative employees or friends you may be able to stumble upon something eye-catching, something that will catch on. It may not mean a million hits or a feature on some late-night show. It may not get you featured on Internet news sites, but it may get the trick done for you. It may be humorous or clever or surprising or visually arresting–put your creativity to work.

YouTube Works Jointly With Other Social Media Sites

A common function and feature of YouTube is the creation of channels, linking together all the videos made by a particular user. Once you develop a stock of two, three, or four videos, you have great visual material that you can use in blog posts, web articles, etc.

The process of embedding a video (not a link, but the video of itself) in all kinds of social media is quick and easy. Not only does this entail broadcasting your video, but it helps ensure that the particular facebook post, tweet, etc., will grab a lot of clicks.

If you choose not to begin making videos on a regular basis, give one or two a shot. As with anything else in business, come up with a clear and strategic plan. What can the video do that other communication can’t? Do you have products that are best displayed on video rather than in still photos? Do you have a great speaking voice and personal manner that exceeds your writing abilities? Are you promoting a particular sale or event? Start with a strategically-placed video with a clear purpose and go from there.