Writing The Best Press Releases For Your Business

A piece of advice the entrepreneur often hears is “don’t forget press releases.”

It’s true—it’s not all about tweets and Facebook. Press releases extend your reach and boost your credibility.

Here are some keys for writing the best press releases possible.

1. Good Lead

Be sure to write a lead that explains how and why something new and interesting is happening. Don’t hem and haw or get into it slowly. There’s no need to throttle the reader with sensationalism or grand claims. Just clearly show newsworthiness.

2. Quotes From Outside

Try to get some quotes from people outside your organization. This adds to the newsworthiness, making what you’ve written more than just promotion.

3. Lots of Facts

News organizations and blogs love stats and hard-and-fast facts. They’re often suckers for numbers, so be sure to include those.

4. Short Sentences

While some of your sentences might flow from clause to clause, try to keep them relatively short and punchy.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Humor

Press releases can often be serious, almost somber things. They can be nearly reverent in tone, and at their worst, nearly beg readers to buy in. One can see the hesitancy to go for humor, but if you can do it right, don’t be afraid. While biting sarcasm probably won’t work, some self-deprecatory or slightly corny humor can have the disarming effect that will draw people to you.

The bottom line is to think of your audience, presenting yourself in as appealing a manner as possible. You’re writing for people who haven’t yet bought in, not looking at things from your perspective.

So, while a hard sell can be a turnoff, you do have to give enough information–in the right way—to make what’s interesting to you interesting to your reader.