Keys To a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Perhaps you’ve chosen Indiegogo, maybe Kickstarter, maybe some other forum for soliciting funds for your daring new startup project. Here are some keys for success.

1. Keep It Real

Yes, there’s big pressure on you, and you may feel the need to be formal and super-serious. But you’re asking, potentially, people of all walks of life for help. Make yourself seem down-to-Earth, approachable, and engaging. Make the reader understand the product on their own terms.

2. Multi-Media

Don’t try to spare expenses when it comes to things like photos, video, diagrams, slide shows, animation, etc. You have to project the ability to perform as a businessperson, to hire the best photogs and others and to integrate their work together seamlessly.


3. Good Rewards

When choosing the rewards you’ll be handing out to investors, follow the advice of’s founder Eric Corl, who says, “reflect on whether the incentives would appeal to you if you were the consumer.”

4. Listen To Your Backers

It’s key to think of your backers—without whom you’d have no company—as members of a team and not just customers. If they give you feedback, take it very seriously. Show them you’re listening and developing the product in a way that accords with their interests and observations.

5. Fill a Need

The biggest thing, though it might seem to be a part of product development, is to create a product that fills a legitimate need. In the end, however important it is to present yourself graciously in a crowdfunding campaign, it’s more important to simply create an outstanding product. Do your research and be sure your need isn’t being otherwise filled. Tweak the product to make it stand out as much as possible. That makes story telling easy, since the product will do a lot of the talking for you.