How To Adapt To the Changing Business World

Entrepreneurs need to know, not just how to get started, but how to keep their business running and growing. This means changing, and it also means understanding changes that are going on around them.

A recent book by Millenial Branding founder Dan Schawbel, Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success, has a few ideas for keeping ahead of the curve.

1. Hire With An Eye on the Future

Schawbel recommends hiring employees with a wide variety of skill sets, particularly those skills that relate to up-and-coming technologies or ideas. If the employee is a fit in general, but also has these cutting-edge skills, you don’t even need to be sure you need the skills in question just yet.

2. Develop “Soft Skills”

Schawbel says that hard, technical skills are abundant and that “a high-school kid can probably learn most of the hard skills that would be required to do just about any job,” but that soft skills are what lead to great success. These include people skills, critical thinking, leadership.

3. Let Your Employees Learn and Grow

If your company is to adapt and change, it can’t lose some of the most dynamic young personnel on its roster. To keep the creative young minds, you have to give them chances to grow. Not only might this involve advancement up the ladder, but also ways of acquiring new skills. Affording these hot shots seminars and other ways of acquiring skills relevant in the new economy is particularly important.

4. Get Blogging

Schawbel points to a 2009 survey that showed that 71% of bloggers polled said blogs increase their visibility. Naturally, the task of running the blog amounts to a great opportunity for a particular employee, and the whole experience will teach you many new things.