Alternatives to EBay:

Selling returned goods can turn a profit.

Recently, we took a look at alternatives to EBay that can meet your online marketplace needs. In this post, we’ll feature one in particular, is an auction site with its own particular niche. The items on the site are products that have been returned to retail stores—a Christmas present in the wrong size, etc. takes these in and then puts them up for auction. What this means for the small business owner is an opportunity to take in goods—by the pallet or even by the truckload—and turn them around for a profit.

Customers can by items for personal use in small quantities, too. Items such as computers, TVs and similar electronics are a mainstay of the inventory, but there are many categories.

At the time of this posting, other available products include a Jimi Hendrix poster, eye shadow, dress shirts, and steam bath generators.

Potential buyers can search for goods by condition, which includes “shelf pulls,” “refurbished,” “new,” and “used.” The site says all items are inspected.

The site does feature a buyer education center to help potential starters figure things out, get things started, etc.

As with any venture, someone considering starting a liquidation business should conduct all due research and carefully consider the risks.