How To Save Big On Groceries

Grocery Savings are as Simple as Planning Ahead.

Entrepreneurs often have to find money in money they’re not spending. You can print your own currency by tapping into available savings on groceries.

Plan Meals

If you have some taco shells and some beef but nothing else for tacos, you may end up making burgers out of the meat, then running down to the corner store for some potato salad as a side. That leaves money tied up in the shells that are getting stale, while you paid convenience store prices for the salad instead of bargain rates. Odds and ends amount to wasted food and wasted money.

It’s important to buy food according to meals you plan to make. If you’re going to buy lettuce and tomatoes for a taco salad, be sure to grab some bagels, too, making sandwiches for lunch with the produce. Having multiple uses like this for leftovers really maximizes your budget.

Try to Go From Scratch

While you are busy with your business, try to cook meals from scratch as much as possible, as opposed to going with frozen or boxed insta-meal options. This doesn’t mean recipes from the hot new cook book involving gremolata or charred eggplant. It can be simple things like chicken breasts, spaghetti, stir-fried vegetables—making your own pizza isn’t hard or very time-consuming. Just use the whole ingredients rather than pre-sliced or pre-packaged things. Use the time it takes to do some of the prep to brainstorm for business ideas, or alternately—to unwind in a way that will ultimately make you more productive.

Stop Clipping Coupons

Clipping coupons can be helpful and beneficial in a few isolated instances. But by and large, the real savings lie in buying store brands, and as noted above, buying things that don’t have coupons and that are by their nature inexpensive, such as vegetables, rice, etc.

Grow Your Own

You can save boatloads with very simple and easy plants such as basil, rosemary, tomatoes, etc. These can be potted or in your windowsill-it needn’t take an awful lot of investment.

Rice n Beans

Rice is insanely inexpensive, and so are beans, particularly if you buy the dried kinds and soak them overnight—time consuming, but done overnight. That gives you meals of Mexican-style rice and beans—add a bit of lime and some diced chilis. Or separate the two and make veggie meatloves with the beans, mash them in your food processor with some oil and chilis for some Mexican-style refried beans. And use the rice as a side dish for everything.

Discount Stores and Savings Clubs

Getting some of your staples, like condiments, canned items like tomato sauce, and paper towels, at the discount stores can have a nice effect on your budget. Trips to these places can be very few and very far between.

As you can see big savings on groceries come from not just from reading circulars from grocery stores and clipping coupons. It’s really about taking control of your dining life, doing just a bit of thinking and planning, and being careful. Flush the savings into your business.