Will working from home destroy your health?

The further technology advances the more people dream about working from the comfort of their own home. Whether you are looking to start your own business or you simply want to start telecommuting so that you don’t have to get dressed for the office each day, working from home is not a decision that should be entered into lightly.

Sure, there are plenty of advantages of working from home, such as the money, you will save on gas to being your own boss, but there are also several disadvantages, such as how it can negatively affect your health.

Now I don’t think anybody can really say for sure that working from home destroys your health. However, working from home does put your health at risk, although you can take steps to minimize those risks. Before you decide that working from home is right for you, take a look at some of the biggest risks it places on your health.

#1 Stress

Now we all know that whether you are working in an office or at home stress is going to be part of the job, but many people who currently work from home find it to be more stressful than what it was in the office. One reason people find it so stressful to work from home is because they have a hard time letting things go after work is done for the day.

Working in an office it is easier to leave things at the office; you can unwind and cool down on your drive home. Working where you live you don’t get that. Freelancers, which make up a large part of the work from home force, find it stressful because they are often worried about making a specific amount of money each month. Plus, with freelancers you work project to project, nothing is ever guaranteed!

#2 Weight Issues

Now working from home does not guarantee that you will have weight issues, but it sure does increase the chances of it. In fact, when looking at people who switched from working in the office to working at home majority of them began gaining weight just a few months after they started working from home. Perhaps the biggest reason behind this is how long you spend working in the same position.

When you work from home, you are not as likely to get up and move around during the day, which lowers your activity level. Another problem is eating habits; most people find themselves snacking more. In the office, you have set breaks, as well as interruptions that require you to get up and move around, and you have scheduled times to eat. At home, you can eat whenever you want, and there are no interruptions or set breaks to help keep you active.

#3 Injuries

While it’s true that you can get injured in the office, the risk is even higher at home. One of the biggest things that lead to injuries is posture. At work, your desk and chair are usually designed to help practice good posture to lower the risk of back and neck injuries. When working at home it is tempting to grab the laptop and curl up on the couch or even lay in bed and work.

Home environments also put you at a higher risk for repetitive strain injuries because of the laid back set up in the home. These injuries can be largely avoided if the proper steps are taken; sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for sensibility when working at home!

Now honestly working from home is not going to destroy your health, but it can cause quite a few problems. However, in order to keep your productivity up and your health good you will want to make sure you create some kind of a structure that gives you set break. Discipline is the key to staying healthy while working from home!