Creating Your Google Places Page

What is Google Places?

Google has been ranked as the top widely used search engine. Google Places is a part of the Google search engine that uses Google Maps to locate a business. This allows business owners to add information such as address, hours of operation and contact information to their places page allowing customers to easily find the location. Not only is this is a free service, but it is considered the new yellow pages!

Advantages of using Google Places

Since Google is the first place consumers typically search for the product or service they are looking for; Google Places provides a great advantage to list your business. This gives you a chance to show up in the organic search, as well as the Google Places section of the search results when your business is searched. Even if you do not have a website you can list your business in Google Places giving you an online presence. Since Google Places ties in with Google Maps the location is easily mapped out for customers to find your business.

How to set up Google Places

Setting up your Google Places page is quite simple. First you need to have a Gmail account set up for your business. Do not use your personal email. Once you are logged into the Google Places site with your Gmail account click on “List Your Business” and you will then list your various business and contact information. Once your information is filled in you will then verify your listing. A four digit PIN number will be sent to you via phone, text, mail or email to confirm that you are the business owner. Just make sure to use the same phone number and contact information that is on the listing so that you receive your pin.

How to benefit from Google Places

  • Proper keywords are important to not only let customers know what you are selling, but to increase your search engine rankings. List all your services and product categories that you sell.
  • Ad photos to your places page. Pictures of your business help customers to connect with your business and they may even recognize the location.
  • If you have multiple locations make sure to have a places page for each location. This way Google Maps will map out each location separately allowing your customers to find the preferred location.
  • Watch your reviews and try to keep them updated with positive response by asking loyal customers to write reviews about your business. Make sure they are legitimate customers that are providing a truthful response.