Advertising Your Small Business on Craigslist-

Whether you are promoting a product or a service, Craigslist is one of the most widely used online classified sites today. Millions of users visit everyday making it an excellent marketing tool to advertise your small business.

The following tips should be taken into consideration when posting on the online classified site.


The key is to have a title that both catches the viewers’ attention and uses the correct keywords. If possible use a catchy title or benefit for the customer that will motivate them to view the entire ad. Do not use too many caps or exclamations as it may come across that you are yelling to your audience. A title with the right keywords and relevant information about the product is enough to catch the readers attention.

Tightly Aligned Wording

When you have only a few words per line instead of stretching long sentences all the way across the page it makes it easier to read. These ads can be read quicker and viewers are also more likely to read your entire ad.

Keywords in Body of Ad

Keywords are important to ensure that your ad shows up when people are searching for your product or service. Make sure to include all categories of your business in the content of your ad. This covers you for all searches giving your ad the chance to show up for whatever keyword is searched.

Use a Photo

Those ads with a photo will have a much higher click through rate. Make sure to have quality and multiple photos if possible that show the entire product. Potential buyers want to see the product that they are buying and with the abundance of ads on Craigslist those without pictures are likely to get skipped over. There is also a filter option that allows you to filter out ads without pictures. If this is used that drops your potential click through rate even farther down if you do not have a photo.

Put Your Website in Ad

The more information you give about your business the more likely you are to receive contact. By putting your website in the ad, customers can have the chance to visit your site and gather more information about the product or service that you are selling before making a decision.

Research Competitors

Research the ads of other competitors in your industry who are also posting to Craigslist. What types of photos, promotions and content are they using and how can you create an ad that will stand out above and beyond what they are selling?

Repost Your Ads

Keep a list of around 5 to 10 ads that you can repost daily. This will keep you on the front page, or close to the top. Make sure to delete your old ad and be careful not to repost the same ad within 48 hours. Craigslist has a feature where they can ghost your ads. This means that you will get a confirmation that your ad has been posted however your ad will not show up in search results. Competitors may also watch your ads and have the option to report this behavior.

Remember to carefully proofread your ad to ensure there are no grammatical errors. A properly written ad with photos and contact information are most likely to bring the responses that you are looking for. This will show both professionalism and allow your ad to stand out above and beyond others in your industry. Craigslist is a great promotional tool, and can be used on any budget since it is free! A catchy and properly written ad posted on this classified site can bring you multiple business opportunities!