Starting a Successful Bookkeeping Business

Starting your own Bookkeeping business gives you the freedom to choose where you want to have your office. Working from home is ideal for many bookkeeping entrepreneurs. Most small business owners do not have the time for this job and choose to outsource to independent bookkeepers.

If you have the education to practice bookkeeping and the proper business savvy techniques, running a bookkeeping business can bring you success from wherever you choose to work! It is critical however to take into consideration the following steps:

Create a Business Environment

Whether you choose to work from home or rent out your own office, make sure you have a proper work environment set up. You will be meeting with clients and this area should be organized and fully dedicated to your business. It is important to set boundaries between your business and personal matters at home. This means that if you are operating out of your house you do not want children, pets, food etc. around your working material. You want to create a professional looking area in order to prove that you are fully dedicated to this business and organized. It is also important to set business hours for phone calls, drop offs and pickups, otherwise you could have unannounced visitors outside of your preferred hours

Choosing Your Bookkeeping Software

Depending on what industry or types of businesses you are bookkeeping for you will want to choose the appropriate software. Some things to take into consideration are:

  • Does the software track expenses and revenues for various departments of the business?
  • Does the software track all payroll requirements?
  • Does the software track inventory and current orders?
  • Does the software handle multiple accounts?
  • Does the software have CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which is very important to some businesses in order to find out more about their customers? Does the system track what each customer is buying, how much and when they are buying?

Setting Up Your Financial Goals

There are certain financial goals that you will need to establish and take into consideration before you look for clients. It is important to note that you may not make a full salary until you are further established, well marketed and have more clients. If you require the income, do not quit your full time job until you can supplement your full income from the clients that you have acquired. Take into consideration all of your costs and research what other professionals in your area and industry are charging to determine your ideal rate


Once you have established your work environment and determined your financial goals you can begin clients. This starts with promoting yourself as a professional service. There are some great ways that you can market on a tight budget such as:

  • Create a website and update with regular blog posts in order to keep your site refreshed and update potential clients of the services or bonuses that you offer.
  • Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are all excellent sites that you can display your company information and update your services and listings without spending a penny! This is also a great method of promoting your website.
  • Kijiji & Craigslist allows you to post your services to the local areas that you are targeting. With thousands of users daily you are sure to get hits from these sites. Be sure to be detailed in your ad and post a picture or business logo to encourage users to look at your ad.
  • Business Forums allow you to post online to the niche markets that you are targeting.
  • Monthly newsletters can keep clients and potential clients updated about your services.
  • Brochures and business card are an excellent tool to have on hand when you run into potential clients.
  • Networking with various businesses in your area will help you to find the business that you need. You may want to get in touch and build relationships with your local accountants, as they can refer you to clients that may be in need of bookkeeping services.

Providing value added service and meeting deadlines will ensure happy clients. Word of mouth travels fast in the small business world and therefore you can bet on repeat business and success through quality work. Remember you are handling very important and confidential information about their business and clients want to know that they can trust you. Professionalism and excellent customer service will promise long lasting relationships with clients.