How To Market For Non-Profit Online

Marketing a Non Profit Business can easily be done online. Typically marketing funds are not abundant and therefore taking advantage of the free online marketing tools can help you promote your cause on a small budget.

An online presence is essential to attracting the public to your organization. If you want to attract donors establishing yourself online as a legitimate and personal organization will ensure success.

Create a Great Website

A website is the first step to proving the legitimacy of your non-profit organization online. Create a website that is functional and eye catching. Having a professional and attractive site is essential to your online presence. It is also important to update and keep your content refreshed to ensure return visitors. By adding SEO to your website and keeping content refreshed you can ensure top Google rankings for your organization. Also add photos, videos, and events to your website so people can see what the organization is doing and how they can get involved or donate. When people see photos of the organization in action they are more likely to feel a connection and believe in the cause.


Blogging is great way to keep the public updated on what the organization is doing and it gets people involved. You can share a blog on social media, people can write comments, or they may request more information and attend events addressed in your blog. Maintaining a blog not only keeps your followers updated on the organization but it also promotes your website. It automatically refreshes your website and will bump up your rankings in search engines. This is an excellent free tool with the only cost being time. Have someone who posts to your blog consistently and in a positive and enthusiastic manner that will get people interested in reading.

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to take advantage of the free promotional tools that these sites offer. By creating Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn Pages you can attract followers and promote your website and blog. Some great ways to get the public involved are holding contests and creating polls. And best of all you can set up all of these pages for free! Make sure to have links connecting your website to your social media pages, as well as linking your website from those social media sites.

Collect Email Addresses

Through you website, blogs and social media sites look for ways to gather email addresses for potential donors. Make sure people have some incentive to give their information, such as a newsletter, contest or valuable information. This is a great way to share information and photos and promote the cause of your organization. Be sure to keep a list of contact information for donors in order to follow up and thank your customers for their donations or time invested.

All of these online methods are great ways to promote your organization and gather volunteers and donors. Not only can you provide information about your cause; blogs and social media can show the personal side of your organization. Photos, videos and stories of people that have been positively impacted through your efforts are some of the best methods of attracting follows to your special cause!