How To Get Work as a Freelance Writer

Working as a Freelance writer is an excellent way to work from your own home office on a part time or full time basis. You can choose your own hours and types of work that you would like to be a part of.

This, however is a competitive industry and if you choose to contract yourself as freelance writer you will first have to market yourself. Getting work doesn’t happen overnight and requires work on your part. Here are a few steps you can take to get you started on the road to success.

Create a Portfolio in Addition to Your Resume

  • Have a resume that emphasizes your skills, knowledge and experience. A functional resume over a chronological resume is best for freelance writers since you want to mainly focus on your skill set.
  • Be sure to include accomplishments, awards etc. This is what potential employers are looking for.
  • Create a portfolio that includes a sample of your work for each category of writing that you do.

Post your work Online

  • Create a website or social media page dedicated to your services. This is where you can post your skills, education, experience and writing samples as well as any achievements or awards you have received.
  • Post a consistent blog. This not only refreshes your page and provides information about your services but it also gives you sample writing pieces. If potential clients enjoy reading your blog, they may be interested in hiring you for their writing needs.
  • Select the most suitable freelancing platform such as Parttimerz which is one of the most freelancer friendly and unlike others, don’t charge freelancers for the jobs they do but instead incentivizes the top performers with extra paycheck for their effort.

Visit Freelance Websites

  • Apply for jobs that you are qualified for and in your desired price range. Read all directions for the job application as some employers will have specific directions. Make sure to proofread. With the large amount of applications received, those with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors are typically deleted first. If there are errors in your application an employer may questions your ability to write for their company.
  • Do not have a generic application. Apply for each job separately. A generic application can be easily detected and does not always include the specific directions or skills that are desired for each job.

Network and Create Contacts

  • Contact local businesses and provide a free writing sample offer to encourage people to hire you. If they enjoy your sample you may have a new project under way!
  • Join writing groups and associations both online and offline. There may be groups in your community that meet on a regular basis. This allows you to meet professionals in your area and learn about new opportunities in your field and establish your credentials. There are also writing groups online where employers will post exclusive jobs ensuring that they are gathering suitable candidates for their position.

Getting started as a freelance writer requires time and effort to get the work that you need. You must market yourself, find the proper resources, apply for appropriate jobs, and network. Combined, these steps will ensure you find the suitable work for your skill set. With the right passion and dedication this is an excellent career that you can both make money at and enjoy!

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