Exciting Business Trends for Moms!

There has always been a struggle for moms to balance career and family. With the new opportunities available today many moms are diving into the business world while staying at home with their children.

There are many legitimate online and offline opportunities for moms to make money and provide for the family without feeling that they are choosing career over family. The following are some business trends that other moms have found useful while staying home with their children.

Social Media

A large portion of the population uses social media, including businesses. Social media is a great strategy for businesses to market, however many don’t have the skills or time to grow their online community, and post to their various accounts. If you are a stay at home mom already posting to your own account why not earn some extra cash on the side by maintaining other accounts! Show your skills to local businesses or you can apply online through various freelance websites.

Creating Apps

With new app creation software, anyone can create and app! If you have a great idea for an app you can create your app from various sources such as TheAppBuilder and sell it on Apple, Android, Windows etc.


Blogging is a great way for businesses to keep their website refreshed and keep followers updated. Many business owners do not have the time to keep their blog updated regularly and find themselves outsourcing this job. This is a great opportunity for stay at home moms who enjoy writing to earn extra income. It should be a business or industry that you are familiar with and interests you in order to keep the content personable and interesting to readers.


Stay at home moms with experience in the medical or legal field can choose to work from home transcribing medical and legal documents or audio files. This can be done on your own time and is typically paid per page or audio recording.

Freelance Marketing or Consulting

There are now websites dedicated to freelance contractors who want to provide their skills online. This allows stay at home moms with administrative, marketing, bookkeeping or writing skills to get paid for their talents. Elance and Odesk are great sites to post your resume and build a great reputation online.

To help you along whatever business journey you choose to take there are a few things that may make your life easier. If you can partner with another business savvy mom then you may be able to take on more clients and finish double the amount of work. Partnering can also grow your business, especially with the added skills and expertise; can launch you into that next level. Also, be sure to have support from your spouse or family members who will be helping raise the children. Just because you are a stay at home mom does not mean that you can work from home and always get all the chores etc. finished. Be sure that these individuals in your life know where there help is needed and when.

Success when it comes to career and family can be challenging and rewarding. Not only can you spend time with your children and watch those memorable milestones but you can earn that extra needed income. With the right dedication, organization and support system stay at home moms are not limited anymore when it comes to career goals!