Are You Interested in the App Business?

It seems that everywhere you look today someone has a smartphone or tablet in their hand. With that being said, the app business has exploded.

If you have a bright idea for an app, chances are you can put your idea into motion starting with some app software. There are two methods when it comes to the app business. You can make your app from scratch or many individuals are finding big business in “App Flipping.” This occurs when an idea for an app is taken and a new app is created with better design and functionality. Here are a few tips when it comes to creating apps.

Do not rush. Take your time and pay attention to every detail. When it comes to design, downloading, registration, and navigation etc. each feature should be thoroughly addressed as this is what will set you apart from those apps that are similar. Design something that hasn’t been done before and think about every software glitch or annoyance that you go through every day and where you can use these mistakes to create an app that users will enjoy.

Design with one goal in mind. Do not create an app with multiple purposes. Decide what consumers want and create the app for that purpose.

When it comes to apps, the simpler the better. The easier and more convenient the app is for the user the more likely they will keep it around. This is when detail becomes very important. Think about every detail, design, button etc. and what will provide the easiest flow for the user.

The quicker the registrations process the better. If you have a lot of registration buttons people will easily back out from downloading your app.

How will your app work offline. Some users may look for apps that they can use when they are not accessible to internet.

Create apps that use data efficiently. This way they will use less of your users data and it is less likely to crash or freeze up. If possible keep your app from using more than 100 MB of the user’s data.

Use a great software program. You can check out Network World’s Top 10 Mobile Application Development Platforms for some great ideas.

Test your app before launching and therefore you can decide what needs to be changed. Artisan and Sauce Labs are just a couple examples of programs that can be used to test your app.

With the many platforms and thousands of apps out there today creating the perfect app can be challenging. This is a competitive environment with new apps being created and flipped every day. If you have the right goal with a detail oriented mind and the proper motivation behind you; creating a great app will come at ease. Here’s to your success in the exploding application industry!