What Does: “In the Cloud” Mean?

According to Info World they state, “Cloud computing is at an early stage, with a motley crew of providers large and small delivering a slew of cloud-based services, from full-blown applications to storage services to spam filtering. Yes, utility-style infrastructure providers are part of the mix, but so are software as a service providers such as Salesforce.com.”

In part one of this topic we will focus on Cloud Storage and Back-up – which is the best and the who’s and why’s. Also read the customer reviews and FAQ – fabulous resources! Here are the top 5 in Cloud Storage for you to consider for your small business. Click on the links for more detailed information.

1) Justcloud.com: FREE (Limited Time). Unlimited Storage

See complete review here: JustCloud have made online cloud storage simple by automating the whole upload process for you. Their software will automatically backup all your files to your free cloud storage space so you can access your files anywhere at anytime with new files and updates automatically uploading.JustCloud is a worthy option to take into consideration for cloud storage services. They deliver efficient and secure results and with reasonable and competitive pricing. There are very few things that Just Cloud seems to fall down on, during testing we found the service as a whole to be fast and solid.

2) ZipCloud: $4.95/month. 250G of Storage

See complete review here: ZipCloud is endowed with some of the best features of their own and those of other data storage providers. The product has incorporated file versioning, file sharing, automatic backup and file syncing techniques. It is the complete storage product for all users from novice to expert. It is worth mentioning that one can access the product from iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, Mac and PC.

3) MyPCBackup: $2.95/month. Unlimited Storage

See complete review here: MyPCBackup is a safe, easy and cheap way to backup all of the files on your desktop or laptop computer. If you have ever lost all of your computer files before then you know how traumatizing it can be. Maybe you lost some of the pictures you took of your family or maybe you lost some important tax documents. Either way, you will never have to go through that again and MyPCBackup is designed to be simple to use. You simply install the application and then you can forget about it.

4) SOS Online Backup: $6.66/month. 50G of Storage

See complete review here: SOS online backup has a lot going for it with great features, customer support and ease of use but the most eye catching of them all has to be their prices. Business users can get an amazing value with the SOS business plan where every PC can be backed up for right around $25 a month. That is one of the lowest prices on the cloud backup market especially considering Unlimited PCs. SOS home users will marvel at the speed.

5) SugarSync. $9.99/month. 60G of Storage

See complete review here: Through folder and file sharing, you can collaborate with family, friends and colleagues on files of any size, or easily upload photos and music to social media sites. SugarSync provides the most powerful and flexible solution to managing your digital life, letting you share and sync data, documents, photos, movies, music and more across any of your devices, with an unbeatably broad range of native apps for any mobile device.

Dropbox is another common and very popular cloud storage and backup service; however, it only made the eighth position out of ten according to The Best 10 Cloud Storage. Feel free to check out the reasons for their selections here:

The Best 10 Cloud Storage website also provides some great reading materials to peruse before you decide which online cloud storage is the best for you and your small business. Many thanks to The Best 10 Cloud Storage and Info World for providing excellent information on Cloud Computing and Cloud storage options. Do you have an online cloud storage program that you just cannot live without? By all means submit below in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!