Webinars – A Marketing Tool Must Have!

What is a webinar? They are web-based seminars for viewing or listening to online. Either they take place on web conferencing platforms, which can be an application downloaded onto each attendee’s computer or a web based platform.

Pretty simple and a FANTASTIC benefit for this marketing opportunity. Here are six good reasons to add this to your repertoire of marketing solutions.

1) Create a fun, engaging and dynamic webinar:

They act and feel more in person than say a white paper or a case study. Attendees can hear the speaker, watch the slides or video and interact with the content in a fabulous new way.

2) If completed correctly, they feel like a worldwide classroom:

Participants have the opportunity to participate with the content by asking questions from the presenter, monitor, and the attendee’s as well. After the fact, they will continue to discuss and chat about the webinar via Twitter – excellent exposure once again.

3) Less Intimidating:

Perhaps your clients are not quite ready for a call from the top sales agent and prefer this method to finding out about you and your products – no pressure.

4) Affordable:

The cost of web conferencing platforms has decreased in price substantially then when it first appeared. Now it is much more affordable than planning an in house event/seminar and with less hassle.

5) Scope of Attendee’s:

You are able to accommodate far more people geographically as well. Instead of inviting a few prospects to an in-person event, you can now invite hundreds to a virtual one and location is not an issue. You can then market to these people who will help spread the word in new geographic locations.

6) Door Openers:

Webinars give you a reason to contact and reach out to prospects by phone or email both before and after the event.

Other than being affordable, providing potential new customers from locations around the world and being a fun, exciting way to promote your brand and provide more information to your customer’s, I would say this is a worthwhile venture to add to your marketing list of “to-do’s”

What are some great ways you have seen webinars used? What do you not like when you see or hear in a webinar?

Let us know in the comments below.