To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

When I first heard of Pinterest it was one of those must-check-out-the-newest-latest-and-greatest social media platforms – to be honest I was a little skeptical and didn’t really see the point of looking at all of these images and thought this would be a waste of time so I quit for a month.

After listening to all of the hype and reading about it everywhere, I had to take another look. I realized that there is more to this than just “pinning” cool images – I was finding amazing resources for EVERYTHING that I could dream of and more.

Why should a business use Pinterest?

Good question! To start, in Sept 2012 Shareaholic reported, “In the month of August (2012), Pinterest sent more traffic than Yahoo organic traffic and is now the fourth largest traffic source in the world.” Not bad. Second, this is a hub of visual marketing and a must for every small business to partake in. I can hear the sighs and the internal dialogue, “Great. Another way to eat up a few more precious hours of my day…” This is actually not the case. Pinterest is not the same as Facebook or Twitter that requires daily updates in order to be effective.

The way traffic is created is by having images that other Pinterest users will want to share and re-pin. In order to receive this kind of traffic you need quality, interesting images to pin. Pinning your product images will bring your potential customers to your website where they will find not only the product they were first interested in but may take the time to shop around and continue to view your entire website. Sounds easy enough.

What pictures should be shared?

Create different boards – for example,

  • Products and services (show pictures of how your product can be used)
  • Blog posts (ensure that you have pictures – it is more likely that it will be read than leaving it blank – remember to think visually)
  • Having a contest board is another way to attract new Pinterest users and you can pretty much guarantee a viral response. Who doesn’t like to win a prize?
  • Have a Guest Pinner board, or a Loyal Customer Only board
  • Definitely upload all of your videos
  • Random, non-sales photos across the web

You want visitors to know that they should follow you to learn more about the things that are of interest them. Make it more about other things and less about your own stuff. This will help you attract dedicated followers.

These are a few good ways to get started using Pinterest. The idea is to connect with your customers and engage them with not only your products but with topics of interest. Be creative!