10 Blogging Ideas for the Small Business

Are you staring blankly at the computer screen summoning with every cell in your body for that remarkable-awe-inspiring blog post to appear before your eyes?

Are you procrastinating with setting up your business blog because of the ever-elusive thought running through your mind, “What do I write about?” I hear this all of the time from small business owners. Well, I can answer this with two words, “YOU, and your BUSINESS”. Okay, so it’s not exactly two words but you get the idea.

Blog about your product or service and everything in-between related to your business. Here’s an example: a realtor once said to me, “I buy and sell houses; end of story, what could I possibly write about?” Fair enough, however, that is not ALL they do.

Perhaps the first time homeowner would like to know: “What to Look for in Buying a New Home”, or how about a person selling their home, “10 Best Renovations that Give You More Bang for Your Buck” – see the possibilities? Look beyond the product or service and think of blogging as sincere conversations with your customers. What questions do they usually ask? How do you respond? What advice would you offer? By starting there, you have some content to consider. You have an amazing wealth of knowledge, it is your business, and you are the expert!

Still stuck on what to write? Here are 10 helpful ideas to get you started:

1. Customer Success Stories: Everyone likes to read about fantastic experiences in regards to your business – share it!

2. Answer Questions Everyone is Asking: Post the most common questions that are asked and save some time by creating a FAQ post; this is a fabulous way to show your customers’ that you are listening and value their time and yours.

3. Post Questions for Customers to Respond to: People like to share their opinions, good, bad, and ugly. Ask them a question and see what the results are. A great deal of insight is shared on how you are doing as a business and assist in finding ways that you may be able to improve.

4. Offer Something Awesome: Announce a party that gives your best customers a first look at a new product or create a giveaway just for blog subscribers.

5. Post a Video: Try posting a how-to-video for those that like the visual aspect of learning or introduce yourself and staff (if applicable) to your customers. Share a story as to how your business came to be. This adds an element of personality to your business and suddenly you are no longer just a name but a person behind that name.

6. Create a Podcast: Podcast listeners will develop a connection with you through your podcast. This kind of relationship is important for building a loyal audience or customer base. They will become loyal fans.

7. Charity Work: Are you involved with local charities? Share the love. It gives you both recognition and publicity.

8. Create a Regular Feature Like a Customer of the Week Spotlight: Everyone loves recognition and customers will share with friends and family your feature on them. A little extra exposure sounds good to me, definitely a win/win situation.

9. Create a Poll: Great way to introduce new services, products and get a feel for what your customers think.

10. Be Inspiring. Sometimes, customers would just like to feel good. Write about something you found inspiring in the course of your day or how you keep a positive work culture.

There are many benefits to having a business blog and with these tips to get you started, you should be well on your way to creating a successful blog that also promotes your business.

Happy Blogging!