15 Cool Promotional Gifts for Under $10

Whether you want to thank a loyal customer or show your appreciation to your employees for all the work they do, promotional branded gifts can go a long way.

Just a note, though: I’m using the word “can” deliberately. Your gift will go as far as the amount of thought behind it. But, realize that the best gifts don’t have to break the bank, and you also don’t have to settle for the typical corporate swag, like custom key chains, pens, mugs, and t-shirts.

To give you a taste of the possibilities, here are 15 cool promotional gift ideas for under 10 bucks:

Fruit Infusers.

Create flavor infused beverages on the go with this handy gift. Average price: $9.90

Fruit infuser

Filter Water Bottles.

Great for eco-minded promotions. Average price $8.00

filtered bottle

Food Storage Containers.

This category includes compartmentalized lunch trays and lunch bags Average price: $7.00

Lunch container

Tumblers and thermoses.

New designs and durable construction make these items a perennial favorite. Average price: $9.00


Mobile Accessories.

Mobile devices are everywhere, and many users would appreciate a handy accessory to accompany them. Numerous products sport cross-device functionality, and the best part is that many these items even sell for less then $5. Here are a few good examples:

  • USB Car Charger.

    Target the traveling salesperson or constant commuter with this handy charger

  • Mobile Phone Holder.

    Keep recipients’ phones and your brand in sight.

  • Screen Cleaners.

    We all know how quickly those touchscreens can get dirty.

  • Laptop and Tablet Sleeves.

    Essential protective gear for mobile computer users.

  • Branded Stylus.

    A useful item for mobile touch screens

  • Custom USB Flash Drives.

    A useful item with many design options and storage sizes

  • Retractable Earbud Pod.

    Who couldn’t use a spare set of headphones?

  • Retractable Ethernet Cord.

    Ideal for students and those on the go

  • Tablet Stand.

    This foldable items are easy to adjust for optimal viewing angle and often come with non-slip feet.

  • Custom Portable Speakers.

    These mini speakers come in various shapes and styles available for MP3 players and smartphones.

Image Credit: www.inkhead.com/